The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides compulsory personal injury insurance for everyone in New Zealand. This means if you are injured by accident in New Zealand, ACC may pay some of your medical costs.

ACC Levies

Small Business

ACC levies fund injury claims. As a SME business owner you’ll pay an ACC Work levy each year. You’ll also deduct the ACC Earner’s levy from employees’ wages.


Self-Employed/ Contractors

If you are a contractor/ self-employed, you’ll pay ACC every year, too. The IRD provides ACC with a summary of your earnings from your income tax return (IR3). ACC use this information combined with your Classification Unit (what work you do and the industry you’re in) to calculate your levy.  You will receive an invoice from ACC each year. You are automatically placed on standard CoverPlus cover, however, you also have the option of CoverPlus Extra. Check out the ACC website for more details.

Common Mistakes
  • Not budgeting for your ACC invoice.
  • Not paying your invoice on time – you may face penalties fees
  • Not realising you’ll get an ACC invoice because you’re a contractor who receives schedular income
  • Not being in the right industry classification

For more information on ACC premiums visit the ACC website