Cornish Accounting Limited offer business advisory services. The Cornish family runs a wide array of small businesses which include; goods production management, international sales, wholesaling, importing/ exporting, motor vehicle sales and services, property development and investment, and dry stock farming. With our broad experience in many industries, we would love to support you wherever you are in your business journey, whether you’re starting out or ready to grow your business.

Our services include-
  • Preparation of financial statements for income tax purposes
  • Urgent preparation of financial statements for borrowing purposes (mortgage broker, bank etc.)
  • Advice on record keeping, accounting and computer systems
  • Preparation of financial statements and management reports
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow projections
  • Advice on the purchase or sale of existing businesses
  • Advice on financial structuring of businesses and capital requirements
  • Financial management/directorial overview