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Cornish Accounting Limited also offer business advisory services. These services include:


  •  Preparation of Financial Statements for Income Tax purposes
  •  Advice on record keeping, accounting and computer systems
  •  Preparation of financial statements and management reports
  •  Preparation of budgets and cash flow projections
  •  Advice on the purchase or sale of existing businesses
  •  Advice on financial structuring of businesses and capital requirements
  •  Valuation of businesses and company shares
  •  Preparation of business plans and strategic plans
  •  Financial management/directorial overview

Why choose us for business advice?

As a Wellington Accountant we’ve developed a style that works well for a wide range of SMEs (Small to Medium Size Enterprises). Clients become friends and friends become clients. Personal relationship is the key as each client is different and requires the flexibility to ensure compliance on one hand and individualised service on the other.

Clients must feel comfortable working with us and not afraid to ask questions that they feel they should know the answer to. Sometimes it is just a matter of reassurance that they are on the right track. We never charge for a 5 minute phone call that may save a client thousands of dollars and ensures that compliance is maintained. Clients should feel that they’re working with us, not just paying us to work for them.

We identify the key issues for every business we work with. We’ll help you set up systems that are effective and manageable. We’re a small business and understand the time-constraints and needs of small business owners. Our approach is to liberate you from the paperwork so you can get back to the real reason you started your business.

Remember, an accountant is there for the long-term. Choose him or her wisely.

We would love to meet you and support you through all your accounting needs. There is no charge or obligation for the first visit. 

Give us a call or email to arrange a time to visit.

KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative to help New Zealanders with their long-term saving for retirement.

For more information on Kiwi saver, visit the IRD or Kiwi saver website.