Cornish Accounting is an experienced team of Accountants based in Wellington, New Zealand, offering services to clients locally, NZ wide and those based overseas or expatriating in NZ. 

We are dedicated to creating a pleasant environment, where the sometimes complex and confusing issues of taxation and accounting can be unwound and simplified. Whether it’s meeting up to discuss your accounting needs or business ideas at our local cafe, chatting over a phone call, or popping into our office. Personal relationship is key as each client is different and requires the flexibility to ensure compliance on one hand and individualized service on the other.



Cornish Accounting provide affordable investment property accounting whether you are new to the rental market or have been in it a while to ensure you comply with the ever-changing tax laws.  From individuals, partnerships, and trusts to companies with both residential and commercial property portfolios, we take care of your taxation obligations and assist you with property accounting advice to help you maximise your rental property returns.


Cornish Accounting offer business advisory services. The Cornish family runs a wide array of small businesses which include; goods production management, international sales, wholesaling, importing/ exporting, motor vehicle sales and services, property development and investment, and dry stock farming. With our broad experience in many industries, we would love to support you wherever you are in your business journey, whether you’re starting out or ready to grow your business.


Cornish Accounting works with you and your business to prepare and work through all the necessary business taxes. Cornish Accounting is a member of the Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand. We use our extensive experience and expertise to offer high quality taxation and accounting services tailored to your particular business needs.


New Zealand has a thriving film industry. Cornish Accounting provides accounting and taxation services to film industry contractors. With our office in the eastern suburbs, close to the heart of the Wellington film industry, we have a large client base of film contractors, who are both local and national clients.


We would love to meet you and support you through all your accounting and taxation needs.

There is no charge or obligation for the first visit. Give us a call or email to arrange a time to visit. 

Kilometre rates for 2022-2023 Income year. The table below outlines the rates you can claim for business motors vehicle expenditure for the 2022-2023 income year. The Tier 1 rate is a combination of your vehicle’s fixed and running costs for the business portion of the first 14,000 kilometres travelled by the vehicle in a year....
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My business is making a loss. What does this mean for tax? Your business is considered making a loss when your business’s expenses are greater than its income. In this case your business will be exempt from paying income tax. If you find your business in this position, you may be able to carry the...
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Does leaving New Zealand change my tax responsibilities? As a New Zealand tax resident if you are planning on leaving the country there are a few things you will need to work out prior to your departure. You will need to work out whether your tax residency status will change, if double tax agreements will...
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