Are you prepared?

You are probably aware that the lower North Island and top of the South was hit by the Kaikoura earthquake on 14 November 2016.

It wasn’t the “big one” but it gave a taste of what the people of Christchurch went through. 

Both Christchurch and the “Wellington” event highlights that New Zealand is an earthquake prone country. The Napier, Inangahua and Edgecumbe quakes also wreaked havoc amongst others in past years.

So, are you and your business prepared? Have you conducted a safety review to ensure all equipment, shelving, filing cabinets etc are adequately secured to the wall or ground?

Do you do regular back-ups of you computer and hold them off-site?

Do you have an evacuation plan?

Are you adequately insured including loss of income including for business interruption so you can continue to pay your staff?